What is Bao Box?

Bao Box is a result of passion, we are 6 individuals who have come together with no experience in the food and beverage industry, but with simply a passion to create something unique and help various social circles rediscover fun outside technology. We are the premier board game café in East and Central Africa and are crazy about fun and also just plain crazy. We don’t do normal, because normal is not a wall dedicated to wine, normal is not a giant chessboard by our door and normal is not tonnes of chalk on the walls.

Our name originates from the traditional Kenyan game “Bao” better known as Mancala internationally; as is evident from our name, we believe in being as Kenyan as possible, which is why we provide Maasai Shukas for the chilly evenings, most of our furniture and fittings are built locally and all our ingredients are sourced in the same way.

Technology has taken over our daily lives and Bao Box provides a platform to get away from this, board games provide a different way to socialise and are perfect for everyone as they transcend all demographics; age, gender, religion all cease to exist once a game is opened.

In a nutshell, Bao Box is the laughter of families and friends, it is the aroma of the food from our open Kitchen, it is the victory call of the winner of a round of Exploding Kittens, hence we are characterized by our motto:

Eat. Play Socialize.